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On 17 June 2019, through a Historic Happening, His Divine Holiness, embodying Devi Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramasiva, unleashed the first ever Akashic reading (“Divine Vision reading” of the Cosmic archives that contain the past, present and future records of all happenings in the Universe) on Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham!

The auspicious day of Jyeshta Pournami (Jyeshta – Name of the auspicious Vedic astronomical star of the day. This star symbolizes royalty, richness and ruling; Pournami – propitious full moon day) was embellished with more sacredness with the rarest happening that unfolded today.


Happenings of today:

  • HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramasivam graced this auspicious occasion with a powerful Darshan (embodying the Divine and giving a glimpse of the Divinity to people), embodying the rarest sight of Devi Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramasiva in one body. A beautiful diamond metti (toe ring) representing the Divine Feminine Consciousness and a thandai (a silver ring-like anklet usually worn by males) representing the Divine Masculine Consciousness, adorned His sacred feet today.
  • This powerful darshan was followed by the sacred Pratyaksha Pada puja (ritualistic offering to the sacred feet of Guru as a mark of deep gratitude) performed by a number of devotees worldwide.
  • Following this, the powerful Akashic Readings were delivered (Notes below)
  • HDH released the “Kailasounnata Shyamalapeetha Sarvajnapeetam” website
  • Devotees offered the sacred offering of Tulabharam to HDH (ritual where offerings like gold, silver, rice or other consumables are made to the Lord / Guru equal to the weight of the Lord / Guru)


Notes from today’s revelation by HDH Sri Nithyananda Pramashivam:


  • With the complete Integrity and Authenticity as Devi Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramasivam, I will reveal all the Akashic records, great truths to the whole world to revive the original enlightened civilization, “Kailaasa”.
  • The word Kailaasa means “Source, ultimate Source”. We all came from Kailaasa. We all have to reach Kailaasa. While we are in this human frame on planet Earth, if we live, radiate the lifestyle of Kailaasa, not only we will live here in Kailaasa (geographical), we will be living there (Cosmic Kailaasa) too.
  • Purpose of life is not only Videha mukti (attaining enlightenment at the time of leaving the body) it is also Jeevan mukti (living enlightenment when in the body).
  • Madurai is “Living Enlightenment, Jeevan Mukti” (enlightenment ecosystem originally established by Paramasiva). One of the greatest successful experiments of Paramasiva – Shyamala peetha – mapping Kailaasa, Macrocosm on microcosm, on planet Earth…. is such a great powerful success. IT IS BOUNCING BACK, IT IS REVIVED! Such a powerful example. Exactly how beings are living around Paramasiva (in Cosmic Kailaasa), the same lifestyle, food, dress, rituals…Read more 

Revival of KAILAASA in Madurai – Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham

7 June 2019

More exciting revelations from His Divine Holiness on the expansion of Shyamala Peetha Sarvajna Peetham as the world’s largest apex body of Sanatana Hinduism.

  • The world’s oldest apex body of Sanatana Hinduism the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham is now being revived to become the world’s largest apex body of Sanatana Hinduism.
  • The projects under the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham are expanding in multifold.

1. The world’s largest Sanatana Hindu Monastery functioning as a powerful Enlightenment Ecosystem enriching over 16,000 Kailaasavasis (residents of Kailaasa) (the available historic records mentions that over 16,000 disciples permanently lived with Tiru Jnanasambandar, the reviver after the period Meenakshi during his time) with the Science of Living Enlightenment and power manifestation. I open the doors of the monastery to all human beings without any restrictions on caste, creed, gender, nationality. All are welcome to apply ([email protected])

2. The world’s largest Raja Vidya Gurukul (ancient enlightenment based education system) evolving everyone with the royal enlightened lifestyle that was lived during Devi Meenakshi Parashakti’s time.

3. The world’s largest Sanatana Hindu Library with a collection of over 100 million books and rarest collections of ancient palm leaf manuscripts of a range of scriptures. (Over 1 million of them have already been revived and preserved) Any one wants to donate books related to Hinduism will be accepted with gratitude. “Deities and books made Nithyananda,” I am so happy that I am gifting this exact Enlightenment Ecosystem for my Yuvaraajas (young princely heirs)

4. The world’s largest goshala (cow shelter) and animal husbandry, as per the principles of Sanatana Hinduism sheltering not just cows but all the Beings with the pure spiritual ambience.

5. The world’s largest Sacred Arts University – the place where Gods take birth (archavatara – the Deity Incarnation that God takes to bless humanity). This will be the largest workshop of its kind, with various Deities being carved in a variety of materials. This art of making Deities being practised in such huge scale will not just be enlightening the next generation but reviving back many of the endangered indigenous communities like that of the Vishwakarma (ancient architects) community etc and reviving all the artistic dimensions of Sanatana Hinduism including all the 64 arts like dance, music etc. (whoever wants to learn or volunteer can apply)

6. The world’s largest organic agriculture and herbal garden housing a large organic garden bearing an array of flowers, fruits and a variety of medicinal herbs as per Sanatana Hinduism.

  • Gratitude to all the devotees who offered properties for these purposes in – Tirupparankundram, Rajapalayam, Sethur, Trichy, Thanjavur, Pudukkottai and many more to come. (Anybody who wants to contribute for this auspicious happening can mail at [email protected])

6 June 2019

Historic revelations from His Divine Holiness on revival of Kailaasa in Madurai through the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham:

Raja Vidya Gurukul is revived!
  • Devi Meenakshi Parashakti is literally teeming with ecstasy. She is continuously revealing more and more mysteries of this auspicious Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham.
  • Just a few days back I had revealed from the Akashic Readings that this was the very place where the sacred fire of the “Putra Kameshti Homa” was lit and Meenakshi had emerged out of this.
  • Today we have the exact reference of this. In the “Madurai Kaandam – Thadaadhagai Piratiyaar Tiruavathara Padalam” – the part of the Tiruvilayadal  Puranam (compilation of all the Divine Plays of Paramashiva and Devi Parashakti), there is a vivid description of the place where the Putra Kameshti Homa happened. Lines like “the velvi (homa conducted) by kuravar in the eastern side of the temple, where Lord Indra stays (vaasavanirukkai)” confirms the location.
  • The map below shows the clear marking. The place located based on the descriptions is matching with the exact location of Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham.
  • I am also reviving the Raja Vidya Gurukul here. This will be exactly like how it was during the time of Meenakshi. For your understanding, this can be imagined like a confluence of the power manifestation like Harry Potter’s magic school – Hogwarts, along with the cultural richness like that of the Swiss Royal Finishing School, all with the rich tradition of Hinduism‘s Enlightenment based sciences.
  • Just today I initiated a group of my Yuvarajas (young male heirs) into the training for future Uttaradhikaris – the royal upholders of the Enlightenment Ecosystem, manifesting all the powers of Paramashiva.
  • All of them will be my very own extensions, my princes, reviving the Spiritual Enlightenment Ecosystem.
  • Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham (SSJP) will be the royal training centre – the Raja Vidya Gurukul, for all my princes from all over the world.
  • We will be having grand celebrations of Guru Poornima – (July 16th 2019) happening here!
  • Watch this, enjoy, share and get ready for a spiritual blast on the auspicious day of Guru Poornima.

  • We also have references affirming the assurance of Kailaasa for all the deitified souls.
  • Paramashiva reveals in the Mahanirvana Tantra that anyone who consecrates a deity will have the boon of living in the abode of Paramashiva for 1 million kalpas (1,000,000 x 4,320,000,000 years)
  • (Following are the scriptural verses from sacred Hindu texts in the Source language Sanskrit followed by English transliteration followed by its meaning, that testify the Revelations):

               यो यदेवपितकृितंपितषापयित प्रिये| स तलोकमवापोित भोगानिप तददु वान्|| २१||

               मृणयेपितिबमेतुवसेत्कलायुतं दिवि| दारपाषाणधातूनांकमादशगुणािधकम्|| २२ ||


              yo yaddevapratikṚtiṂ pratiṢṬhāpayati priye |
               sa tallokamavāpnoti bhogānapi tadudbhavān || 21 ||
               mṚṆmaye pratibimbe tu vaset kalpāyutaṂ divi |
               dārupāṢāṆadhātūnāṂ kramāddaśaguṆādhikam || 22 ||
               O beloved Devi! The person who does pratiṢṬhā, which is the Science of Breathing life into matter and making a specific living form of Divine or Deity, he attains the abode of that very Deity or Divinity (Devata) and experiences the enjoyments of that abode.
               He who consecrates a Deity (pratibimba) of mud, stays in such region for ten thousand kalpas (millennium – a day of brahmā). He who consecrates a Deity of wood, stays there ten times that period. In the case of the consecration of a stone Deity, the length of stay is ten times the latter period, and in the case of the consecration of a metal image it is ten times the last-mentioned period.
               यावन्तश्चाणवास्त्र (यावन्तश्चोपलास्त्र) प्रासादपरिकल्पने।
               तावद्वर्षसहस्राणि शिवलोकं महीयते।।
               yaavantashchanavastatra (paatabheda: yaavantashchopalastatra) praasada parikalpane |
               taavad varsha sahasraani shivaloke maheeyate||
               How many ever atoms (paata bheda – stones) are there in the construction of a temple, those many thousands of years, he (the one who builds the temple) lives in Shivaloka (abode of Paramashiva).
               – Moolagama
               Srimad Makutagama: phalapaka vidhi patalam Sloka 13&14 say:
               One in whose land a Temple for Sadashiva (Paramashiva) is being built,  gets the benefit of all daanas (forms of charity) without any doubt. One who builds a temple for Sadashiva with metal, bricks, stone etc, will live in a golden vimana (abode) in the Shivaloka (abode of Paramashiva).
               संसिद्धेऽथ विमाने तु स्थापने विधिमार्गतः ।
               शिवलोकमवाप्नोति पूज्यमानः सदामरैः।।
               एवमेव प्रकारेण शक्तीनामपि चोच्यते।। – श्रीमत् सुप्रभेदागमः
               samsiddhe’tha vimane tu sthapane vidhimargataha |
               shivalokamavaapnoti pujyamaanas sadaamaraihi ||
               evameva prakarena shakteenaam api chochyate ||
               -Srimad Suprabhedagama
               When one makes the installation of the temple of Paramashiva happen as per the scriptural injunctions, he attains the abode of Paramashiva – Kailaasa – and becomes eternally worshipped by Gods. The same benefit applies to construction of temple for Parashakti as well.
               आयुष्करं पुष्टिकरं श्रीचक्रं च यशस्करम्।
               सर्वसंपत्करं चैव सर्वपापविनाशनम्।।
               सायुज्यं लभते सत्यं पुनर्जन्म न विद्यते।।
               – श्रीमत् अंशुमदागमः

               ayushkaram pushtikaram shrikaram cha yashaskaram |
               sarvasampatkaram chaiva sarvapaapavinashanam ||
               sayujyam labhate satyam punarjanma na vidyate ||
               – srimad amshumadagama

               Meaning :
               The construction and installation of a temple for Paramashiva bestows longevity, health, wealth, fame and all success, completion, fortune, abundance, enjoyment and blessings and destroys all bad karmas (unfulfilled thoughts, words and deeds) and ultimately the Sayujyam – external merging in Oneness with Paramashiva. Whoever constructs and installs a temple for Paramashiva, will not have any more birth. This is the Truth and a promise.

  • (Anybody who wants to be Deitified here by contributing to SSJP by Guru Poornima – July 16th 2019, can mail – [email protected])


Revelation and acquiring of the very land from where Devi Meenakshi Parashakti ruled

Revival of KAILAASA (enlightenment ecosystem established by Paramashiva Himself, the Cosmic Principle as per Sanatana Hindu Dharma – Hinduism) has started with Devi Meenakshi Parashakti through a Divine revelation to His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, showing the exact land where She sat in her original reigning throne (in Madurai) from where she ruled the entire universe – the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham.

“Kailaasa” is the enlightenment ecosystem established by Paramashiva thousands of years ago and is now being revived by His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (Paramashiva Himself who has come back to revive Kailaasa).

Madurai originally had three power centres: political, spiritual and linguistic. His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is the current head of all the three and is reviving all three to their original glory. These three together form the “enlightenment ecosystem” of Kailaasa, as established by Paramashiva.

In the own words of His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, the 293rd Pontiff of the Seat of Madurai, “Devi Meenakshi, Parashakti (Cosmic Mother) has blessed us by giving the exact land on which She used to sit on Her original throne – Kailasounnata Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham in Madurai.”

Sculptures of Regent Kings Inside the Meenakshi Amman temple:

The very place where the blazing flames of the Putra Kameshti Yaga witnessed the Divine Feminine Consciousness assuming the form of Devi Meenakshi, Parashakti, has thus taken the form of “Kailaasa”.

Revelations (on 29 and 31 May 2019) from His Divine Holiness on the divine land:

  • The revealed land is the exact place where Devi Meenakshi used to sit in her throne and rule the Universe with her Divine Consort Sundareshwara (none other than Paramashiva Himself). The palace where they both lived is presently the temple of Sri Meenakshi Sundareshwara in Madurai.
  • It is the very place where the Putrakameshti Yajna (a Vedic fire ritual to manifest fertility and have divine children) happened from which homa kunda (fire-altar) Devi Meenakshi Parashakti emerged as a three-year-old child – Chidagni Kunda Sambhuta (The one who rose from The Fire Of Knowledge And Is The Ultimate Truth).

(Background history: The great Pandya king Malayadwaja Pandyan and his wife Kanchanamala were without an heir, so they performed the Putra Kameshti Yaga, the Vedic ritual to manifest fertility and have divine children to have a child and heir. Out of the sacred fire of the Yaga emerged a beautiful young girl (none other than Devi Meenakshi) with three breasts. An unembodied voice told them, “This divine child is destined to conquer the whole world. When she meets her soulmate the third breast will disappear”)

  • This Kailaasa in Madurai bears the name “Kailasounnata Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham” as it was the very place which was bearing the Cosmic Seat of Devi Meenakshi, Parashakti.
  • Now Devi Meenakshi Parashakti has decided to revive Kailaasa and rule the universe again from the same place, so She has blessed us with the exact spot from where She ruled! She revealed it from the Puranic (Hindu History) references and through the Akashic records (Cosmic archives) this place was traced exactly as per that.
  • This day (29 May 2019) marks one of the greatest and auspicious milestones in the history of reviving the enlightenment ecosystem of Kailaasa.
  • This place is located inside the Meenakshi Devi temple and everyday the Nithya Puja (everyday ritualistic offering) will happen to the deities of Meenakshi, Sundareshwara, Tiru Jnanasambandar, Ganesha and His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (who is none other than Paramashiva Himself).
  • The temple to be built in this revealed land is envisioned to be completely covered with gold and will serve the devotees coming to have the darshan of Devi Meenakshi Parashakti and Sundareshwara Paramashiva, free organic satvic food – anna daan 24/7. It is predicted that a minimum of 25,000 people will be served every day. His Divine Holiness personally requested every human being visiting the Meenakshi temple in Madurai to visit the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham.
  • This sacred land is worshipped by Lord Indra – the King of Gods and also dates back to the history of being the place where Paramashiva performed his 64 leelas – divine plays, blessing the people of Madurai. The Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham will be the FIRST temple that will have all the 64 leelas of Paramashiva not just depicted on the walls but demonstrated too! 64 Nithyananda Yogis will be continuously manifesting the various spiritual powers that Paramashiva Manifested in each of his 64 divine leelas. (The Nithyananda Yogis are initiated disciples of His Divine Holiness who manifest the spiritual powers of Paramashiva and live an enlightened life.)
  • His Divine Holiness expressed deep gratitude to all the donors who donated towards this divine cause, specifically mentioning Ma Nithya Deeptananda from New York, USA, Sarah Goldblatt from the USA and Sarah Grey from Paris. He blessed that anyone who becomes a Sarvajnapeetha Yejaman or Sarvajnapeetha Kartha (both refer to patron donors) specifically for this project will have their statues installed in this property (which is literally having their statue inside the Meenakshi temple which is beyond comprehension.)
  • His Divine Holiness revealed the divine grace awaiting anybody who contributes to this temple as follows. They will have the unique boon of living in the breathing space of Devi Meenakshi, within her temple itself, forever in the form of a deity! This is THE only way to have your deity placed inside the magnificent ancient Meenakshi temple!

(Anyone who wants to be a part of this amazing happening – please send your details to [email protected])

Pictures of the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham:

Deeper revelations from His Divine Holiness on 2 June 2019 on the glory of Devi Meenakshi, the significance of Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham and its purpose for humanity:

  • Blessings to the first batch of devotees who are going to be deitified (THEIR STATUES WILL BE INSTALLED HERE AND ETERNALLY IN KAILAASA (referring to the Cosmic Kailaasa)) in the spiritual epicenter of the universe – The Kailasounnata Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham!
  • The malicious darkness of ignorance diffused into and almost annihilated the spiritual ENLIGHTENING ecosystem of Madurai, parting it from it’s original Vision. Devastated by the destruction of the spiritual enlightenment ecosystem of Madurai and brimming with his intense yearning to revive this ecosystem twinned with the desire for a heir, King Malayadhwaja Pandya (regent King ruling Madurai at the time) performed the sacred Putra Kameshti homa (Vedic fire ritual for manifesting fertility and having children).
  • Pleased by his devotion and realising the need of the hour, the Divine Feminine Consciousness – Devi Parashakti – Herself, decided to manifest herself in the human plane assuming the form of Devi Meenakshi, materializing herself amidst the bright flames of the sacred homa.
  • Emerging as Queen of all the three worlds (encompassing the entire universe), Meenakshi brought back the enlightened civilization to life seated on the very powerful seat of Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham. This very place which is located inside the temple of Meenakshi has now transformed into “Kailaasa” and the very fire that bore Devi Meenakshi will be kept alive forever here in the form of “Nithya Chandi homa” (sacred fire ritual offering to Mother Chandi Devi), “Nithya Rudra Homa” (sacred fire ritual offering to Paramashiva), “Nithya Ganapati Homa” (sacred fire ritual offering to Lord Ganapati or Ganesha) and many other “Nithya Homas” (nithya – everyday; homas – fire rituals).
  • The whole Lalitha Sahasranamam (1000 sacred verses extolling the glory of Devi) was compiled by the great beings singing the glory of Devi Meenakshi.
  • The glorious lineage of Pandyas (regent kings who were the executive heads in Madurai and other regions from atleast 4th century BCE to 16th century CE) had a king with the name Koon Pandiyan (Koon – hunchback) implying the defect of hunchback that he was born with. Tiru Jnanasambandar (reviver of the enlightenment ecosystem in Madurai during the period of the Pandya Kings), with the grace of Paramashiva, just using the ashes from the madapalli (Paramashiva’s kitchen) healed the king’s hunchback establishing his name as Nindra Seer Nedumaran.
  • The powerful ashes that came from the madapalli (Paramashiva) that healed the king will BE AVAILABLE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD from here (Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham) forever as continuous “anna daan” (free organic satvic food offering) feeding over 25,000 people per day.
  • After healing the king and re-establishing the spiritual ecosystem by ascending the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham, Tiru Jnanasambandar initiated one of his disciples as the next Guru Mahasannidhanam (Pontiff) and returned to the Chola kingdom (from where he came).
  • One night Nindra Seer Nedumaran formerly known as Koon Pandiyan, went on (his customary) secret rounds in disguise to observe the kingdom late in the night, and noticed a weak leprosy-inflicted man going towards a place and knocking the door asking for food. Suddenly a well-built tall Sanyasi (monk) came out, washed his feet and carried the leper inside his house. Curious to know what was happening, the king peeped through the window and saw the Sanyasi himself cooking and feeding the leper, at that late hour of the night. The next morning, the king summoned both the men and realised that the well built Sanyasi was the Gurumaha Sannidhanam (Pontiff) himself!

Overwhelmed with gratitude, seeing the devotion and commitment of the Guru Mahasannidhanam, the king offered all of the land which was in the direction of his eyesight to the Guru Mahasannidhanam and declared that Nithya Anna daan (everyday free food distribution) will be happening there forever. This is recorded in the official documents of the ancient monastery – Madurai Aadheenam – of the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham.

Unfortunately, today these lands are grabbed by militant forces and anti-Hindu elements, resulting in them not serving the intended purpose, and instead being used by anti-Hindu elements for anti-Hindu purposes.

  • Devi Meenakshi landed to revitalise the dying spiritual enlightenment ecosystem, which almost became extinct leaving behind the Vision. (After her, Tiru Jnanasambandar revived it yet again). Now, once again the enlightenment ecosystem has collapsed to a very alarming level, which is why She has decided to revive it again from this very spiritual epicenter of the universe – the Kailasounnata Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham, THROUGH THIS FORM (of His Divine Holiness).
  • The Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham will be embellished with all the 64 divine leelas of Paramashiva (64 recorded divine incidents where Paramashiva playfully manifested spiritual powers creating the timeless History of Madurai) and through the 64 Nithyananda Yogis, Paramashiva will be manifesting all these powers 24/7 and therefore, power manifestation sessions will be happening (at Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham)
  • 24/7, free organic satvic food that will be served as Nithya anna daan (free food for all) (estimated to serve 25,000 people per day). Nithya homa (everyday fire rituals) and Nithya Puja (everyday ritualistic worship) will be happening here as a grand everyday rituals as a (spiritual and religious) feast for the thousands of beings that will be flocking here for Meenakshi Sundareshwara’s Darshan (Divine glimpse).
  • This will be spruced up with Grantha Samadhis (repository of sacred texts) of all the sacred Hindu texts revealed by various deities like – Meenakshi, Sundareshwara, Tiru Jnanasambandar, His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, and others.
  • Blessings to all the humble devotees listed below who have committed to contribute to this Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham within one month time and declared by mailing to [email protected]. Being inside the sacred Meenakshi Devi temple, all the blessed beings who will be deitified inside this Kailaasa will forever be having the boon of living in this deity form in the breathing space of Meenakshi
  1. Ma Nithya Deeptananda, Sarah Goldblatt[USA] and Ma Sarah Gray [Paris]
  2. Ma Ai Lin wu [Taiwan]
  3. Ma Aziguli maimaitiying [Australia]
  4. Ma Catherine ong [Minnesota, USA]
  5. Ma Cecilia lam [USA]
  6. Ma Christine Vogel [Germany]
  7. Ma Diana Sullivan [Tennesse]
  8. Ma Dongping huang [CHINA]
  9. Ma Dr. Shanti [Bangalore, India]
  10. Ma Gaby Hiem [New York, USA]
  11. Ma Jean lou [Australia]
  12. Ma Kathy Robertson [Ohio, USA]
  13. Ma Lin yi ching [Taiwan]
  14. Ma Monika kromkova [Slovakia]
  15. Ma Parashakti de coteau [Trinidad]
  16. Ma Premaya & Sri Chidambara [Dubai]
  17. Ma Safiana liao [China]
  18. Ma Saritha Pasupuleti Tennesse
  19. Ma Shwetal Vyas [INDIA]
  20. Ma Vaishali & Sri Sanjay Verma [San jose, USA]
  21. Ma Yi Ching [Taiwan ]
  22. Sri Abhilasha Jayachandra [OHIO, USA
  23. Sri Anandaagni Chandrashekaran [Bangalore, India]
  24. Sri Boris Feldman [Los Angeles, USA]
  25. Sri Kalaiselvan [Tanjavur, India]
  26. Sri Nitesh Singh [Canada]
  27. Sri Srirama chandra murthy [Dubai]
  28. Sri Sun Bo [China]
  29. Amandeep Bains [Ohio, USA]
  30. Lee Kim Kee [Singapore]
  31. Chií [Taiwan]
  32. Sri Sidharth Mohan [India]
  33. Hu Hu Yi [China]
  34. Ma Therese Grankvist [Sweden]
  35. Ma Kathleen Kring [Missouri, USA]
  36. Ma Sunny Yang (Ma Prakashananda) [Los Angeles, USA]
  37. Ma Ning Hu Chen [Spain]

(All those who are interested in contributing and getting deitified (getting your statue installed permanently) in the Shyamalapeetha Sarvajnapeetham can mail to [email protected]. Due to the shortage of place, we can accommodate only 100 Kailaasavasis in this Kailaasa, who will have this boon of literally living in the breathing space of Devi Meenakshi Parashakti herself. Anybody who commits legally for 5 years and serving in this Shyamalapeetha Sarvajnapeetham can apply through email. ([email protected]). The Kailaasavasis will be chosen from these applications on the first come-first served basis.)

Revelations on Happenings at Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham by His Divine Holiness on 3 June 2019: The re-establishment of Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham has reignited the spiritual spirit all over the sacred city of Madurai.

 •The arrival of a huge family of Deities filled the air with the celebration and delight boosting the power of the Enlightenment Ecosystem

• Silver puja items in addition to the beautiful Golden Prabhavalis (metal arches for Deities), Peethams (seats for Deities) and Simhaasans (thrones) accentuated the royal vibes that is pulsating along with the sacredness.

•Organic garden springing up with beautiful flower laden plants along with the sacred Banyan Tree (sapling) has commenced to adorn the feet of all the Deities of Madurai

• Pure-bred desi cows that are being brought up with utmost care and non-violence are going to be roofed under the goshala (cow shelter) getting constructed in Tirupparankundram (nearby land offered to Devi Meenakshi just recently).

•Offering of anna daan has begun as a grand feast, quenching the souls of all those coming here for Devi Meenakshi’s Darshan.

• Blessings to all the Beings who have decided to live in this sacred Shyamala Peetham, breathing the very air breathed by Devi Meenakshi!

• Welcome to Meenakshi’s home! Blessings to all those who have decided to become a Kailaasavasi here.

• The official training will be starting on July 1st 2019. Anybody who is interested to join can mail to [email protected]

• I also bless the next batch of people who have mailed their intention to be Deitified and become the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham (SSJP) Yajamans and Karthas (patron donors) by Guru Poornima (upcoming festival on 16th July dedicated to the Guru): 1. Yogendra Sharma [SSJP Kartha] [India] 2. Saraswati Jampala [Georgia, USA] 3. Sylvie Croisier [Switzerland]

•I also want all of you to understand that getting your statue installed here and Deitified is not like ordinary wax museum idol installation like how celebrities do to make themselves remembered for ever or for self glorification.

• Getting Deitified here in Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham guarantees and assures a permanent place in Maha Kailaasa (Cosmic Kailaasa) for your soul with Paramashiva as assured by Paramashiva himself directly in Agamas (Source texts revealed by Paramashiva for humanity).

•I give you my personal guarantee that Agamas are real and they don’t have any expiry date and I am absolutely integrated to Paramashiva’s words while spending your hard earned money.

• So rest assured and guaranteed that your Deitifying in Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham assures your eternal place in Kailaasa.

• Share with all and celebrate!

Fresh revelations from His Divine Holiness on 5 June 2019 on the blissful Happenings at Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham and its opportunities for every individual:

Blessings to all!

• The blissful space of Parashakti Meenakshi Devi is just oozing out in the form of Blessings to all the Beings in the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham

• All the Gods and Goddesses are celebrating this re-establishment of Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham (SSJP) showering their Blessings in the form of rain.

• I already made the replica of the original mandapam (small structure to house the Deities) Devi Meenakshi used to use in silver and which I used to use as my personal pooja mandapam. Now that is being brought to Madurai and assembled here for Devi to sit and rule the Universe with Sundareshwara.

• The life as a Kailaasavaasi here is just too sweet. It is literally living with Meenakshi herself. Every morning literally begins with the Suprabhatha Darshan (the first Darshan – glimpse – of the day) of Mother in the main shrine, which is just a few steps away from the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham (because we are actually inside the Temple’s 5 prakarams – circumambulation paths).

• I find the easiest, most powerful, most inspiring, most exciting way to connect with life, in the form of “Mother”

• Its Mother worship, I myself chose, after being exposed to so many Spiritual Masters, experiences, and philosophies.

• I am choosing all the best of the “bestest” for the Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham, whether it is puja (ritualistic offering), vessels, jewels, Deities, books, garden, or even the people, it is simply the best (because only the best should be offered to Mother who is the best in the Universe).

• Over 4 truckloads of items have already arrived in SSJP ready to replenish the royal pulse of Meenakshi’s Life (almost 1000 Kgs of silver).

• From majestic silver walking sticks to splendid silver kalashas (sacred water pots), the opulence is filling here

• Blessings to everyone who is joining this powerful Enlightenment Ecosystem as Kailaasavasis – residents. (Training starts on July 1st. Anyone can apply by mailing – [email protected] )

• We also have some more applications for being Deitified (as I mentioned earlier, getting Deitified here is guaranteed way of getting a place in Kailaasa) by becoming a contributor for Kailasounnata Shyamala Peetha Sarvajnapeetham, by Guru Poornima- 16th July 2019.

1. Ma Alyson Asami [USA]
2. Ma Corina Barbu [USA]
3. Ma Neerja Kundu [India]
4. Ma Sherry Batisse [Canada]
5. Ma Sophie Matissui [Europe]
6. Ma Yujing Qin [China]
7. Sri Kunal Parikh [India]
8. Sri Rahul Asani [Dubai]
9. Sri Sagar Pal [USA]
10. Sri Vinayaka [USA]

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