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Jnana Paal, the Enlightening Milk of Cosmic Mother

Thiru Jnanasambhandar, a great master, child incarnation appeared as the son of God, living the path of “sat-putra-margam”. As an incarnation with a specific divine mission, He lived in body for only 16 years, and performed divine feats such as reviving the whole vedic tradition, traveling the length and breath of the Southern zone, and merging Himself back into ‘Shiva Jyoti’, light of Shiva, super consciousness by raising His frequency…

It all began with the most wonderful glorious event in His divine-filled life, the moment that is going to eternally remain soaked as the pinnacle of Divine Grace, and the intensity of Divine seeking.

His blessed father Siva-Pada Hirudayar prayed for a son, for the most unusual reasons. On seeing the glorious tradition decline in the hands of egoistic Jain monks, on seeing the abandonment of the sacred body marks, the loving display of ‘Thiru Neeru’, the sacred ash, he established himself into meditation at the feet of Lord Shiva.

As the answer to the prayers, Thiru Jnanasambandar takes birth. Like any other child born as a result of intense tapas (penance), austere ‘thavam’, Jnanasambandar was fondled and loved with great delight in the family and the whole village.

The Trip to the Sacred Temple Tank

An innocent child of 3 playing his tantrums to take him along for the sacred bath, Siva-Pada takes His son to that hallowed water spot.

As the Vedic Sage dives into the water, the child standing on the bank
of the full-to-brim tank, His state of mind not able to bear,
the absence of the father for even a second, serving as an excuse
began to weep, recollecting the anklet-girt feet of the Lord
surging up in his mind.

With the lotuses–the eyes–brimming with tears, he looked elsewhere and wept intensely, shaking and shivering with a noise resounding like the chant of the countless vedic shlokas (chants), while all created beings exulted in joy. He called, ‘O Mother! O Father!’ and wailed.

At the moment, the Lord seated on the sacred boat, desirous of bestowing grace on him with His one look, mounted on His bull along with the willowy dame of the hills, and arrived with the resplendent baby moon crest on His head at the luscious bank. The Lord and the dame are none other than Devi Meenakshi, and Lord Sundareshwara.

With a gracious compassion arising in His heart at the sight of the wailing child, Lord Shiva looking at Devi, whom all the worlds worship and said: “Give him in a golden cup a feed of the milk which gushes forth from your twin breasts.”

Lord Shiva thus gracefully bidding her, the awe-inspiring lovely mother, the first cause of everything, the embodiment of prosperity-mercy, went near the child and drew into a cup, the milk of Her breasts.” Mother blended into the milk, the sweet ambrosia, the inconceivable knowledge of Shiva, fed the child the milk, while wiping his tears.

Because the Lord, who is the Father and Mother to everything, everyone in the Cosmos, bestowed His Enlightenment on the child, he became, ‘aaludaiya pillaiyaar’ – the child over whom the Lord has established His Lordship– and became ‘Shiva Jnana Sambandar – ‘one who has gained the contact, the experience of Shiva’.

The Enlightening Milk

The real Truth of his whole happening is explained by 293rd Guru Maha Sannidhanam Srila Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda, as it is…

Thiru Jnanasambandar’s greatness has to be understood. His bio-memory itself was never disconnected from the cosmic consciousness; that is why, within three years, he just remembered his original state and the cosmic mother; Nature; Prakrithi offered her own essence, which is enlightenment into Jnanasambandar.

That is what we visually portray; Devi appeared and offered her own breast milk, it is a visual presentation of the ultimate truth; the cosmic mother prakrithi, nature, opened up herself, poured her essence into Thiru Jnanasambandar.

3 years is the time usually a child feels the individual identity; ‘pratyaghatma chaitanya jagrutha’. Brain becomes capable of experiencing individual identity.

At the age of 3, when Jnanasambandar has started feeling that individual identity may start happening in him, he felt deeply disturbed, He wants to remain in cosmic consciousness. So he strongly cried, expressed his deep suffocation, uncomfortable, disturbed feeling towards the cosmos. His body was established, his bio-memory was established in enlightenment, that is why, the moment he expressed his suffocation, cosmos had to respond; cosmos had to appear; cosmos had to express itself.

Immediately the cosmos expressed itself to bless Thiru Jnanasambandar; to make Him experience the ultimate. The Cosmic mother, prakrithi, Devi appears and pours her own essence into him, which is enlightenment.

That is the story of ‘enlightenment milk’; ‘enlightening milk’ ‘Jnana paal’. When cosmos poured her essence into Thiru Jnanasambandar, he became enlightened and in the gratitude and ecstasy, Samadhi, the extraordinary sacred sentiments started expressing from him.