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Paramahamsa Nithyananda responds to critics in style

Paramahamsa Nithyananda responds to critics in style

17 May 2012, Madurai: Talking to media-persons at Madurai Aadheenam, Paramahamsa Nithyananda today shared his plans for the 1500-year-old socio-spiritual organization. He said that within a week, a free medical camp would be organized, with more than 20 doctors volunteering their services. Nithyananda also reminded the press that currently more than 2000 persons were being provided free food everyday, thanks to the annadaan program of the Adheenam.

Later Nithyananda answered questions from the media on various issues surrounding his appointment as the 293rd pontiff of Madurai Adheenam and some controversies surrounding the same.[/one_half_last]

Nithyananda reiterated that the ‘Madurai Adheenam Protection Force’ (a conglomerate of 40 support groups) would pursue all possible legal forms of protest to counter the protests planned by a few individuals who called themselves the ‘Madurai Adheenam Retrieval Committee’.

He made it clear that all actions by the Madurai Adheenam Protection Force would be peaceful and in self defense only. He also pointed out that the most recent protests staged by the self-styled Madurai Adheenam Retrieval Committee against his coronation ended in a whimper, where out of the declared 2000 protesters, only a couple of hundred actually turned up, most of whom were hired hands who left without taking part in any form of protest.

Nithyananda made it clear that Adheenam would pursue all legal means to remove individuals who were illegally enjoying the property and other assets of Madurai Adheenam. While making it clear that those who were occupying the properties legally would not be disturbed, he reiterated that stern legal action would be taken against land grabbers and squatters.
Presenting the letter of support from organizations working for the welfare of the blind in Madurai, Nithyananda promised to continue his efforts to ameliorate the conditions of the weak and disadvantaged members of the society. With regard to the four temples in Thanjavur Dt. that are currently being maintained by Madurai Aadheenam, Nithyananda made it clear that the revenue from these temples would be used exclusively for various development activities in the villages where they are located.
Nithyananda also repeated his request that the media follow journalistic ethics and avoid conducting virulent smear campaigns like those by Sun TV, without caring for the veracity of the information being relayed. Referring to the success of recent legal actions undertaken by him, such as restraining the media in the neighboring state of Karnataka from carrying malicious articles, Nithyananda cautioned that he would be soon requesting a similar injunction from the courts in Tamil Nadu against Sun TV and other organizations that carry blatant falsehood in the name of news.

Watch the Press Meet on 17th May 2012